Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ok time to drop some knowledge. let me start off with a quick tv review. we had the season ender of dexter this weekend. Knew the Trinity killer was going down but there was a shocker at the end. So if you haven't seen it Spoiler ALert(allll my life the spoiler-ST).The wife Rita was killed by the Trinity Killer. I wasn't a fan of her at all, so glad to see ya go.

As for my activities- Thursday went to Bruins game vs Leafs. Good game, win for the B's. Pretty good seats, dinner at Max and Dylans before the game. Hit them up sometime I'm a big fan.

Got some Cuban cigars this weekend, so good. Very strong. My first Cubans.

Saturday went to the Elks for a show. Was great to be back. Many familiar faces, had a great hangout. POW (what up RIR aka Rhode Island ROndo) put on a great show I was very impressed. Good job by Jimmy and Eric with the running of the show. After that dinner at Charlies then home.

So the big event everyone around town is talking about is the New Years Day Bruins game at Fenway. Tickets are wicked tough to get I hear. Mad props to the people working on this, such as characters like Jimmy K( local friend and old BHC participant) pictured above.

Upcoming agenda- Need to get Xmas shopping done. Might wait til next week though. Was thinking about how much Downtown Crossing sucks now especially this time of year. When Filenes and Jordan Marsh was there, they had Christmas season on lockdown.

Also this Sunday Buddha's new band will be playing. Can't wait to check it out.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

omg its been a long time since the last one. there's no way I can remember all the stuff that's happened since then. Had a vacation from work from Thursday til today. But I've been sick so I wasn't in the mood to do much. Did head out Saturday to see Rival Mob. Met Jimmy at Sligo had a drink there. Also Redbones. Then started heading to the show but it was far from Davis so we gave up and went to Charlies. It was Sarah's birthday so a bunch of people were there. Such as the kayaker pictured above. Anyway it was a great time.
Next day watched Pats LOSE to the Dolphins. This team sucks. All the reasons have been rehashed but here's a quick summary: poor drafting,trading down in the draft, terrible pass rush,terrible secondary.Poor free agent signings such as Adalius Thomas. When's the last time you heard his name called?
Yesterday I went to Friendly Toast in Kendall for the first time with my brother for breakfast. Food was pretty good, huge portions too. I had the french toast.
Tunes: recently got new Lows lockin out cdep and Painkiller tape. haven't listened to them yet,hope to get a chance to soon. jammin lots of Inspiral Carpets and northern soul stuff lately.
Movies: saw Angels and Demons aka DaVinci Part 2. Loved it, this is right up my alley. Boogie Nights- decent, nothing great. LA Confidential pretty good 50s style mystery/noir. Rewatched Face/off. CAn't stand Travolta or Nicholas Cage. story is insane.
so winter's kicking in, and christmas is approaching. great time of year. Return of the ELks this weekend. What a spot that place is. Great bar downstairs.