Wednesday, December 9, 2009

omg its been a long time since the last one. there's no way I can remember all the stuff that's happened since then. Had a vacation from work from Thursday til today. But I've been sick so I wasn't in the mood to do much. Did head out Saturday to see Rival Mob. Met Jimmy at Sligo had a drink there. Also Redbones. Then started heading to the show but it was far from Davis so we gave up and went to Charlies. It was Sarah's birthday so a bunch of people were there. Such as the kayaker pictured above. Anyway it was a great time.
Next day watched Pats LOSE to the Dolphins. This team sucks. All the reasons have been rehashed but here's a quick summary: poor drafting,trading down in the draft, terrible pass rush,terrible secondary.Poor free agent signings such as Adalius Thomas. When's the last time you heard his name called?
Yesterday I went to Friendly Toast in Kendall for the first time with my brother for breakfast. Food was pretty good, huge portions too. I had the french toast.
Tunes: recently got new Lows lockin out cdep and Painkiller tape. haven't listened to them yet,hope to get a chance to soon. jammin lots of Inspiral Carpets and northern soul stuff lately.
Movies: saw Angels and Demons aka DaVinci Part 2. Loved it, this is right up my alley. Boogie Nights- decent, nothing great. LA Confidential pretty good 50s style mystery/noir. Rewatched Face/off. CAn't stand Travolta or Nicholas Cage. story is insane.
so winter's kicking in, and christmas is approaching. great time of year. Return of the ELks this weekend. What a spot that place is. Great bar downstairs.

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