Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend update

So, as usual, slacking on updates here. Kind of busy though, also getting bored with online stuff anyway. trying to cut back. i'll start by recapping last weekend.
So Friday Jimmy and I decided to go see Pearse's band the Rival Mob playing up in Haverhill. We meet up at the Mount Vernon restaurant by Sullivan Sq and have dinner there. If you're not familiar with the place, its visible when you're going down 93 Somerville exit. Good food, we ate at the bar area though. Burger,fries,one beer special for 7.99. Pretty good deal if you ask me. So Lynn comes and we go to the show with her. Stop off and grab Garvey too.
Show was a good time. Gil and Free Spirit played, they were good I'm a big fan. Descendents cover thrown in. Rival Mob was good too, Brendan was on fire with some one-liners.
From there we head to Allston for the Pill. Cold Cave was playing. Lots of people came out for this one. Missed the band, had a really good time with everyone though.
Next night met up with Jimmy and others for Ryan's birthday at Bukowski's in Cambridge.
So then work for a few days and Thanksgiving holiday. It was great. Food was good,bunch of relatives came over. Props to my Mom on cooking.
Last night went to Connor Larkin's, a Northeastern bar. Built up a good crowd and moved it to the Tam. More people came throughout the night, played so many songs on the jukebox.
So now for Sunday's agenda. Dunkies and the Sunday papers. The NFL games seem pretty weak today. Pats have a huge game against Saints tomorrow. Sox lost out on Alex Gonzalez, kind of weak I say.
Tunes: Crippled Youth Join the Fight, Uniform Choice Screaming for Change lp

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