Monday, November 2, 2009

So first update from the original post. That night I went with Jimmy and McCuddy to a great Halloween party. My plans for googly eyes glasses as costume fell through. It was a straight banger as the kids would say. Or kids about 8 years ago would have said it was off the hook (but not me as I never used that stupid phrase). Some of my favorite costumes were Jana doing a perfect Pboy, Wolverine as the Tooth Fairy, and Maura being a dick. Good to see a lot of friends there. Partied til the break of about 3 am.
Sunday (as the Lord above told me to) I rested. No Pats on. Hung out with mi familia (what is this a Madball record or something?). Rocked the Alone in a Crowd record, downloaded Poker Face and Party in the USA. Caught a solid Dexter and Curb Your Enthusiasm. You're pretty much all caught up now.

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