Wednesday, November 18, 2009

long awaited return

ok not sure what's happened since my last update. from this past weekend I went to the Tam on Saturday for a while, had a bunch of people come out. Then hit Dorchester and went to the Banshee. Place was a madhouse.
Pats had a rough loss to the Colts. Everyone's been debating whether they should have gone for it on 4th and 2. I liked the call. Big risk, huge reward,didnt work. I was so mad after the loss though, i'm not gonna let that shit ruining my mood anymore though.
Heard Bane for the first time tonight. I was expecting usual youth crew sxe band, but this was close to Burn, and some Reach the Sky. Pretty good.
I've been deleting a lot of stuff off the Ipod. Tonight got rid of Eye for an Eye,some lesser Ramones songs too.
So I'm reversing an old policy of mine. I used to pretty much refuse to go out on any weeknights at all. But staying in every single night gets pretty boring. 5 days in a row of work,home,watch tv,sleep is no way to live life. No one laid on his deathbed saying i wish I spent more time sitting at home. Nothing too crazy though.

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