Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ok time to drop some knowledge. let me start off with a quick tv review. we had the season ender of dexter this weekend. Knew the Trinity killer was going down but there was a shocker at the end. So if you haven't seen it Spoiler ALert(allll my life the spoiler-ST).The wife Rita was killed by the Trinity Killer. I wasn't a fan of her at all, so glad to see ya go.

As for my activities- Thursday went to Bruins game vs Leafs. Good game, win for the B's. Pretty good seats, dinner at Max and Dylans before the game. Hit them up sometime I'm a big fan.

Got some Cuban cigars this weekend, so good. Very strong. My first Cubans.

Saturday went to the Elks for a show. Was great to be back. Many familiar faces, had a great hangout. POW (what up RIR aka Rhode Island ROndo) put on a great show I was very impressed. Good job by Jimmy and Eric with the running of the show. After that dinner at Charlies then home.

So the big event everyone around town is talking about is the New Years Day Bruins game at Fenway. Tickets are wicked tough to get I hear. Mad props to the people working on this, such as characters like Jimmy K( local friend and old BHC participant) pictured above.

Upcoming agenda- Need to get Xmas shopping done. Might wait til next week though. Was thinking about how much Downtown Crossing sucks now especially this time of year. When Filenes and Jordan Marsh was there, they had Christmas season on lockdown.

Also this Sunday Buddha's new band will be playing. Can't wait to check it out.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

omg its been a long time since the last one. there's no way I can remember all the stuff that's happened since then. Had a vacation from work from Thursday til today. But I've been sick so I wasn't in the mood to do much. Did head out Saturday to see Rival Mob. Met Jimmy at Sligo had a drink there. Also Redbones. Then started heading to the show but it was far from Davis so we gave up and went to Charlies. It was Sarah's birthday so a bunch of people were there. Such as the kayaker pictured above. Anyway it was a great time.
Next day watched Pats LOSE to the Dolphins. This team sucks. All the reasons have been rehashed but here's a quick summary: poor drafting,trading down in the draft, terrible pass rush,terrible secondary.Poor free agent signings such as Adalius Thomas. When's the last time you heard his name called?
Yesterday I went to Friendly Toast in Kendall for the first time with my brother for breakfast. Food was pretty good, huge portions too. I had the french toast.
Tunes: recently got new Lows lockin out cdep and Painkiller tape. haven't listened to them yet,hope to get a chance to soon. jammin lots of Inspiral Carpets and northern soul stuff lately.
Movies: saw Angels and Demons aka DaVinci Part 2. Loved it, this is right up my alley. Boogie Nights- decent, nothing great. LA Confidential pretty good 50s style mystery/noir. Rewatched Face/off. CAn't stand Travolta or Nicholas Cage. story is insane.
so winter's kicking in, and christmas is approaching. great time of year. Return of the ELks this weekend. What a spot that place is. Great bar downstairs.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend update

So, as usual, slacking on updates here. Kind of busy though, also getting bored with online stuff anyway. trying to cut back. i'll start by recapping last weekend.
So Friday Jimmy and I decided to go see Pearse's band the Rival Mob playing up in Haverhill. We meet up at the Mount Vernon restaurant by Sullivan Sq and have dinner there. If you're not familiar with the place, its visible when you're going down 93 Somerville exit. Good food, we ate at the bar area though. Burger,fries,one beer special for 7.99. Pretty good deal if you ask me. So Lynn comes and we go to the show with her. Stop off and grab Garvey too.
Show was a good time. Gil and Free Spirit played, they were good I'm a big fan. Descendents cover thrown in. Rival Mob was good too, Brendan was on fire with some one-liners.
From there we head to Allston for the Pill. Cold Cave was playing. Lots of people came out for this one. Missed the band, had a really good time with everyone though.
Next night met up with Jimmy and others for Ryan's birthday at Bukowski's in Cambridge.
So then work for a few days and Thanksgiving holiday. It was great. Food was good,bunch of relatives came over. Props to my Mom on cooking.
Last night went to Connor Larkin's, a Northeastern bar. Built up a good crowd and moved it to the Tam. More people came throughout the night, played so many songs on the jukebox.
So now for Sunday's agenda. Dunkies and the Sunday papers. The NFL games seem pretty weak today. Pats have a huge game against Saints tomorrow. Sox lost out on Alex Gonzalez, kind of weak I say.
Tunes: Crippled Youth Join the Fight, Uniform Choice Screaming for Change lp

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

long awaited return

ok not sure what's happened since my last update. from this past weekend I went to the Tam on Saturday for a while, had a bunch of people come out. Then hit Dorchester and went to the Banshee. Place was a madhouse.
Pats had a rough loss to the Colts. Everyone's been debating whether they should have gone for it on 4th and 2. I liked the call. Big risk, huge reward,didnt work. I was so mad after the loss though, i'm not gonna let that shit ruining my mood anymore though.
Heard Bane for the first time tonight. I was expecting usual youth crew sxe band, but this was close to Burn, and some Reach the Sky. Pretty good.
I've been deleting a lot of stuff off the Ipod. Tonight got rid of Eye for an Eye,some lesser Ramones songs too.
So I'm reversing an old policy of mine. I used to pretty much refuse to go out on any weeknights at all. But staying in every single night gets pretty boring. 5 days in a row of work,home,watch tv,sleep is no way to live life. No one laid on his deathbed saying i wish I spent more time sitting at home. Nothing too crazy though.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

So its been a couple days since the last update. Menino won the election. Yanks won the World Series. 13 people killed at the Texas army base. I'm in the middle of a 3 day weekend. Echo and the Bunnymen cancelled their tour, major bumout. At least I got to see them at Great Scott with McCuddy. They were amazing. They're supposed to come back in April now.
That new Jay-Z/ Alicia Keys NY song is pretty good.
Had to bring up that Straight Ahead is crazy overrated as a band. I tried to like them for years now but I must say they're basically terrible. Can't stand Tommy Carroll's voice.
That pretty much goes for SSD too. Can't stand them. I think people get into their mystique more than the music. DYS is a million times better.
here's what was going on in hyde park last night: a call came in from a woman in hyde park she says "i saw a zoo-like creature running in the street, i think it may have been a horse or a camel." police show up and she goes "it was like a unicorn(she then holds up one finger from her head to mimic a unicorn) but instead of one horn in the front it had 2 on the side". they found it within a few minutes,it was a deer running around.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

So here we are and we're into November. Time is really flying by, cliche but true. Getting pretty dark early now too.Since everyone only listens to Misfits in October, I'm going to listen to only Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving Song in November.
So there's some voting going on today. Seems like a bunch of clowns to me.
Phillies-keep up the good work.
That's all I got.

Monday, November 2, 2009

So first update from the original post. That night I went with Jimmy and McCuddy to a great Halloween party. My plans for googly eyes glasses as costume fell through. It was a straight banger as the kids would say. Or kids about 8 years ago would have said it was off the hook (but not me as I never used that stupid phrase). Some of my favorite costumes were Jana doing a perfect Pboy, Wolverine as the Tooth Fairy, and Maura being a dick. Good to see a lot of friends there. Partied til the break of about 3 am.
Sunday (as the Lord above told me to) I rested. No Pats on. Hung out with mi familia (what is this a Madball record or something?). Rocked the Alone in a Crowd record, downloaded Poker Face and Party in the USA. Caught a solid Dexter and Curb Your Enthusiasm. You're pretty much all caught up now.