Saturday, November 7, 2009

So its been a couple days since the last update. Menino won the election. Yanks won the World Series. 13 people killed at the Texas army base. I'm in the middle of a 3 day weekend. Echo and the Bunnymen cancelled their tour, major bumout. At least I got to see them at Great Scott with McCuddy. They were amazing. They're supposed to come back in April now.
That new Jay-Z/ Alicia Keys NY song is pretty good.
Had to bring up that Straight Ahead is crazy overrated as a band. I tried to like them for years now but I must say they're basically terrible. Can't stand Tommy Carroll's voice.
That pretty much goes for SSD too. Can't stand them. I think people get into their mystique more than the music. DYS is a million times better.
here's what was going on in hyde park last night: a call came in from a woman in hyde park she says "i saw a zoo-like creature running in the street, i think it may have been a horse or a camel." police show up and she goes "it was like a unicorn(she then holds up one finger from her head to mimic a unicorn) but instead of one horn in the front it had 2 on the side". they found it within a few minutes,it was a deer running around.

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